A starter


It's been a while.

My last entry is on 2016 / 2015. Urgh, cant remember!

But heyyyy I'm back!

Nothing much to be shared, nothing much to be written, but still, I wanted to write. I miss blogging. I used to write everything about me, on things that I currently facing. On things that I currently doing.. but since I further my study in 2014, I stopped writing and spending my time more on Twitter / Facebook. Ya, maybe a bit more on Instagram.

You know, I'm thinking of writing about ❤️.

Everyone fall in love; without any reason. Its appearance; out of sudden. You don't know how and why you fall in love, but you can feel it. It getting strong day by day. As much as you knowing each other, as much you can accept each other, your love will grow even stronger and bigger.

I'm not going to mumbling out of no where, but my point is, that feel really exist.

It's just like a vibration. It's unseen but can be felt. It's not in physical form, but you know that its real.

You know it's love when you smile out of reason when you're thinking about them. You know it's  love when you willing to do something for them. You know it's love when you wanted to look good and beautiful in front of them. You know it's love when your heart skip beating when you look at their face. You know it's love when you start imagining that perhaps you both might be with each other.

Don't waste your time over uncertain things. Fight for your love.

P/s: those 93's kid, you're now 24. You should start a serious relationship.  😜


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